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Album maintenance and storage
Feb 09, 2018

1. To avoid direct sunlight, placed in a dry and ventilated place, you can also put some photo album in the desiccant such as tobacco.

2. Album should be placed in the top of the drawer, should not be placed below, so as to avoid damp, squeeze.

3. Now most of the album material inside the white cardboard or PVC plastic material, the album wrapped up in the album box, and then flat on the cupboard in the collection, the weather in Jiangsu is very cold in winter, very hot in summer , Due to the weather, cardboard or plastic materials easily deformed easily stored, if your album distortion, the first album should be flat, with some heavy objects (such as thick books) pressure on the album above, over the paragraph Time will be restored, and then double-check whether the place to store the album too moist or sun exposure, is not flat, and if so, we must pay attention to maintenance methods.

4. If there is dust or dirt on the surface, just wipe with a soft wet towel.

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