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Cow. Pig. Horse. Sheep leather
Feb 09, 2018

Different types of leather, its characteristics and uses are also different. For example, cowhide leather surface is fine, high strength, most suitable for making leather shoes; sheep leather light, thin and soft, is the ideal fabric for leather garments; pig leather breathable, water vapor permeability better. Pig leather: leather surface pores round and thick, more oblique into the leather. Pores arranged in a group of three, leather surface showing many small triangle pattern

Cow leather: Cow leather and buffalo leather are called cow leather, but there are some differences between the two. Yellow leather surface pores were round, straight into the leather, pores close and uniform, arranged irregular, as if the starry. Buffalo leather surface than the yellow cowhide leather pores, the number of pores less than the yellow leather, leather more relaxed, not as good as the full leather yellow cattle.

Leather: Leather surface of the hair is also oval, slightly larger than the yellow leather pores, arranged more rules.

Sheep leather: leather grain surface flat oval, clear pores, composed of a few groups arranged in fish scales.

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