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Feb 09, 2018

Leather is also called imitation leather or plastic material, is PVC and PU and other man-made materials in general. It is based on the textile fabric or non-woven fabrics, PVC and PU by a variety of different formulations such as foam or film processing made of, according to different strength, wear resistance, cold and color, luster, pattern Patterns and other requirements made of processing, with a wide variety of colors, waterproof performance, neat edges, high utilization and the relative price of leather cheaper features.

Leatherette is a very popular class of materials, is widely used to make a variety of leather products, or replace part of the leather material. Its increasingly advanced production technology, is being widely used in the production of two-story skin. Nowadays, artificial leather with leather-like characteristics has been produced on the market. Its surface technology is extremely base fibrous tissue, almost reaching the effect of genuine leather, and its price is comparable with that of domestic first-layer leather.

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