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Genuine Leather
Feb 09, 2018

"Leather" is a common word in the leather products market, is a common denominator of natural leather for people to distinguish between synthetic leather. In the consumer's mind, "leather" also has non-fake meaning. Animal leather is a kind of natural leather, which we often say leather. It is made of animal (hides and skins) tanned by tanneries to make leather materials of various characteristics, strength, feel, color and pattern. It is an essential material of modern leather products.

Leather animal leather processing is very complex, made of finished leather need to go through dozens of procedures: Hides ---- Immersion ---- to the meat ---- Degreasing ---- Hair removal ---- Baptist alkali - - Expansion ---- Ash Removal ---- Softening ---- Pickling ---- Tanning ---- Section ---- Shaving ---- Retanning ---- Neutralization - --- Dyeing ---- Fueling ----- Filling ----- Drying ---- Finishing ---- Finishing ---- finished leather. The types are also very much, according to the material sub-common are sheep leather, cattle leather, horse leather, snake leather, pig leather crocodile leather, according to the performance can be divided into two layers of leather, grain leather, suede, modification Leather, foil leather, composite leather, finishing split leather and so on.

Among them, leather, sheepskin and pigskin leather is the raw material used in the three major types of leather.