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PP Process Characteristics
Feb 09, 2018

PP has better fluidity at the melting temperature and good forming performance. PP has two features in processing: one is that the viscosity of PP melt decreases obviously with the increase of shear rate (less affected by temperature) ); Second: a high degree of molecular orientation and showed a larger contraction rate.

PP processing temperature is about 200-300 ℃ better, it has good thermal stability (decomposition temperature of 310 ℃), but at high temperatures (270-300 ℃), stay in the barrel for a long time there may be degradation. Because of the viscosity of PP with the shear rate increased significantly reduced, so to increase the injection pressure and injection speed will increase its mobility and improve shrinkage deformation and depression. Mold temperature should be controlled in the range of 30-50 ℃. PP melt can pass through a very narrow mold gap and appear Feng front. PP in the melting process, to absorb a large amount of heat of fusion (larger specific heat), the product after the mold more hot. PP material processing without drying, PP shrinkage and crystallinity lower than PE.

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